Product Description

Digital Frame can be used in shop window display, personal family life photos, wedding photos, children’s paintings display (for family decoration, do your personal DIY album, private art gallery). Museums, art galleries and exhibition halls to display world famous paintings and classic photographic works.

Usingwin Digital Photo Frame has low energy
consumption and can be set to automatically shut
down once in a while

Realistic display of fine image quality Control from anywhere Anti-glare matte screen Personalize your Canvas

We accept TNT, UPS, FedEx,
EMS, DHL etc. Air freight, Sea
freight available.
You can choosethe one which is
the most convenient or cost
effective for you.

Control from Everywhere

Anti-glare matte screen:

178° clearly visible
Organically deflects light withoout distorting hue.

2K displayer

NFT displayer

NFT displayer

Digital Photo Frame can restore the texture of real paintings without reflecting or hurting eyes. The non-destructive gamma technology guarantees the full performance of the color scale
and can better restore the true sense of the painting. 

Product features

  1. frame material: imported white wood, solid wood, high density and wood with leaf holes, with thermal expansion and cold contraction natural superior, to prevent the
    deformation of the outer frame. The frame is made of special wood glue and three
    layers of nailed edge sealing to ensure the tight seam of the corners.
  2. Timing switch machine: support timing automatic switch machine, and support
    multi-stage (three-stage) custom timer switch machine;
  3. Display technology: support lossless gamma anti-glare display technology, presenting a realistic display effect at the canvas level;
  4. When the wall is installed, the product is close to the wall, and the gap cannot be
    greater than 0.5CM; The space behind the product has space for hidden installation of
    the power cord.
  5. Provide digital picture frame advertising machine information release screen hardware manufacturer authorization letter and after-sales service commitment letter.

Software section

  1.  1. The system is based on TCP/IP network protocol;
    2. The digital picture frame advertising machine information release screen system supports Web side content release and update, and the system supports user management function and sub-account management function;
    3. Support OTA remote upgrade;
    4. Support startup animation definition;
    5. support server/single-machine mode switch;
    6. Support built-in Wi-Fi hotspots
    7. real-time remote monitoring, system collapse self-recovery, 7*24
    hours unattended;
    8. the original Android system, open root authority, can be customized product development 9, mobile phone unified information release management, support mobile phone release program, In addition, the software realizes the display of at least four Windows (including picture window, video window, text window and background music window) at the same time, and each area can be enlarged and shrunk and dragged arbitrarily.


  • No network, conversion of single version of the model, but also support the release of the program on the mobile phone;
  • The text and clock background is transparent by default, so you can add video/picture as the text/clock background;
  • Two video regions can be added at the same time, that is, two videos can be played at the same time.
  • With device lock function, set electronic password to unlock.
  • Multi-screen synchronization: multiple screen content, the same playback progress;
  • Release record: can view the device’s task release record;
  • Program information: you can view the number of programs in the device, program name, the space occupied by the program, can “delete” and “preview” program;
  • Up and down record: you can view the record of the device up and down.
  • Screen rotation: screen rotation 90°, 180° and 270°;
  • Play order: sequence play or single program cycle;
  • mobile phone software support remote control function;
  • support USB insertion update program;